Nothing is off limits, Here.

Kameron and Laura met in October 2011 while working at Be Salon in Downtown Indianapolis. Kameron had recently moved back to Indiana from Arkansas and was looking for a salon close to his residence. They quickly became friends, as Laura too, had only recently began her employment at the salon. Over the next 4 years they shared color formulations, styling tips, and lots of good times with each other and their growing clientele. When their suspicions Be Salon would not be renewing a lease, they began looking for work elsewhere.

Luckily they found a small converted 19th century cottage salon near Downtown’s Central Library that was looking for two stylists. Kam and Laura took to their cozy space for another 4 years of work and growing friendship. Right after the new year in 2019, the building owner informed them of the intent to sell the salon. Each day at work felt uncertain and it was becoming clear what they needed to do. They had to find a space to call their own.

In January 2019, a small ‘FOR RENT’ sign, barely visible from the road held promise of things to come. After a couple of walk throughs, Laura and Kameron signed on the “dotted line” in February and started the desperately needed upgrades on their new space. Fortunate to know so many helping hands and skilled tradespeople, they transformed the dated space into ‘Here Hair Studio’ opening April 2019.

Here Hair Studio is Kameron Grooms and Laura Piercefield’s space for each person to feel their absolute best about their hair. They talk openly and candidly about their process when clients ask questions. They empower their guests with knowledge about the services their providing.

-Laura Piercefield and Kameron Grooms-

Laura and KAmeron at the shop


Laura has been a stylist since 2001. She has always had an interest in art, working with her hands, and people. Cosmetology seemed an obvious choice, something she should’ve known from a young age she would want as her career.

Growing up on Indianapolis’s southside, same as her parents, Laura is the 3rd of 4 siblings and with the exception of the eldest, they still live on Indy’s southside.

Everything about her upbringing was pretty standard Mid-Western suburban. Married parents, multiple siblings, pets, unlocked doors, playing outside unsupervised… typical late ‘80’s-90’s kid life. Yet, on Sundays instead of a church, Laura would watch a half-hour segment on CNN called “Style with Elsa Klensch” and it began her love of all things beauty and style related.

She fell in love with the designs of Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano. Laura got the idea of going to school at Central Saint Martin’s University of the Arts in London, but not being a particularly studious teen, she didn’t have the GPA needed to apply to such a program. She needed to figure out something to do with her life post high school (love that pressure at 16 years old, right?) Fortunately, her high school had a trades program through a larger organization that offered cosmetology classes.

She started classes the summer between junior and senior year that continued through the school year, and summer following graduation. Laura began attending cosmetology classes 40 hours a week while holding down a part-time job. When senior year started cosmetology classes continued. She spent 3 hours a day at her high school, then roughly 7 hours in cosmetology classes, and still had a part-time job some evenings and weekends! At 17 years old it was quite a lot to take on, but ultimately set her up to have a growing career in a field she enjoys.

Through the years, Laura has worked as an in-salon educator for AVEDA, Great Lengths extension specialist, Sephora Color cast member, and bridal specialist. Her experiences have grown her skill set to bring her clients the service quality they deserve.


Kameron has been doing hair as long as he can remember, doing his mother’s hair as early as 11 years old. After a long career in retail as a store manager and trainer at Gap stores across the country, he decided that it was time to work toward what he truly wanted to do.

Kameron decided to go to Paul Mitchell Academy in Indianapolis in 2005 and has successfully pursued his career in beauty ever since. Kameron has worked in Indianapolis salons such as BE, The Ultimate You, and finally coming home to Here Hair Studio.

Kameron’s mission, like almost any stylist, is to make sure that his clients look and feel amazing when they leave the salon. Kameron’s passion, however, is making sure that his clients, male or female, feel like they had a chance to unwind, relax, and know that they will leave feeling like a million bucks.

When Kameron is not working or watching Netflix, he spends his time scouring social media for the most current hair trends, techniques, and styles. With Kameron’s interest in continued education and keeping up with these trends, he is able to give anyone the look that they want with a laid back attitude, incredible results, and the experience to back it up.