Color Only (retouch)
This is a single process color on newgrowth only, no highlights, no cut or style. Rough blowdry only. Maintenance color, regrowth 4-6 weeks.
90 mins | Starts at $65.00

Color Only (all over)
Color application scalp to ends. Schedule if you want to change your color or refresh. No cut or style, schedule additional separately. *additional color needed $10 per bowl*
120 mins | Starts at $100.00

Color/Cut (newgrowth)
This service is for a root touch up on a single process color with a haircut. Schedule for maintenance typically 4-6 weeks.
120 mins | Starts at $95.00

Color/Cut (all over application)
This service is for a single process color, applied scalp to ends and a haircut. Schedule if you have more than 8 weeks of regrowth, have thick hair, getting a touch up and want your ends refreshed. Pricing increases due to extra color needed.
150 mins | Starts at $135.00

Color, Highlight & Haircut
Schedule for a single process root touch up, up to 15 highlight foils, and cut. Additional color will be charged accordingly.
150 mins | Starts at $130.00

Add this service to any highlight appointment.
30 mins | $30.00

Partial Highlight/Cut (touch up)
Foil placement for root touch up and haircut. Add Toning Service to adjust color of highlight (Ash/Warmth/Neutral). The price increases due to extra color needed.
120 mins | Starts at $115.00

Full Highlight Touch-Up & Cut
Schedule this appointment when you need existing highlights touched up from front hairline to nape of neck and a haircut. If you need/want a toner or conditioning treatment, schedule additional services.
150 mins | Starts at $150.00

Full Highlight Touchup Only
Typically only need a full highlight a few times a year. Schedule additional services for toner, Olaplex, cut or style.
120 mins | Starts at $95.00

Partial Highlight Only (touch up)
Retouching new growth, no haircut. Quick dry, style extra.
120 mins | Starts at $65.00

Highlight Only (scalp to ends)
Foil/Balayage, or ombre applied scalp to ends, no cut or style. Schedule additional services as needed. Pricing increase with additional color needed. Hair 3 inches past shoulders, thick/dense will require extra time and color. **Please call your stylist to verify timing.**
150 mins | Starts at $85.00

Bleach & Tone (Platinum)
On scalp bleach and tone. This is the best service for 4-8 weeks of regrowth. Add haircut or blowout separately *each new bowl of lightner is $10*
210 mins | Starts at $100.00


Shampoo and blowout, finishing with Flat or curling iron.
45-60 mins | Starts at $45.00

This service is commonly scheduled for formal events and Bridal.
60 mins | Starts at $45.00

Texture Services

Permanent wave service. Does not include a haircut or style. Price varies and quoted by individual stylist.
120 mins | Starts at $100.00

Smoothing Treatment
Minimizes Frizz 90/100% , Reduces curl up to 50% , Replenishes Keratin. **No Formaldehyde added, No Thioglycolate or Sodium Hydroxide.
120 mins | Starts at $275.00

120 mins | Starts at $75.00


Women's Haircut
Shampoo, cut, and style. Longer, denser hair that requires more time to finish will be charged extra.
60 mins | Starts at $50.00

Women's Haircut (short)
Shampoo, cut, style for hair shorter than chin length.
45 mins | Starts at $35.00

Womens Cut (long-thick)
If your hair is past your shoulders and more dense/thick than average, this is your appointment.
75 mins | Starts at $60.00

Womens Cut w/ Wax
Shampoo, cut, style, and Eyebrow wax.
75 mins | Starts at $64.00

Men's Haircut
Shampoo, cut, rinse, and style. Kameron's client's receive a complimentary hot towel during the rinse.
45 mins | Starts at $28.00

Mens Cut w/ Beard Trim
Self explanatory, right?
60 mins | Starts at $30.00

Mens Cut w/ wax
Shampoo, cut, style & an eyebrow wax
60 mins | Starts at $32.00

Children's Haircut
Child under 12 years of age. Any child with hair texture, density, or length resembling that of an adult will be charged accordingly.
30 mins | Starts at $15.00

Children’s Haircut (thick)
Schedule this appointment for a child (12 & under). For children with hair past shoulders
45 mins | Starts at $30.00

Neck Trim
15 mins

Bang Trim
15 mins


Womens Cut w/ Wax
Shampoo, cut, style, and Eyebrow wax.
75 mins | Starts at $64.00

Mens Cut w/ wax
Shampoo, cut, style & an eyebrow wax
60 mins | Starts at $32.00

Eyebrow Wax
15 mins | Starts at $14.00

Lip wax
15 mins | Starts at $7.00

Eyebrow & Lip Wax
15-30 mins | Starts at $20.00


OLAPLEX Bond Strengthening Treatment
Non-chemical, can be added to any service.
45 mins | $35.00

Thinking of a big change? Schedule this appointment to meet with your stylist and discuss your hair goals.
15 mins